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The Inter-American Dialogue has a long history of productive relationships with policy centers and individual analysts in the region and with relevant centers in Washington, and is uniquely situated to bring the parties together. Together with their Mexican and Central American partners as well as select U.

In developing possible new approaches, the groups intend to pay particular attention to fostering improvements in target-setting and implementation, and the pursuit of opportunities for mutually reinforcing initiatives in the national policies and programs of each country.

In addition to government actions, they will examine the role that regional and international organizations can play in addressing immigration and security issues in Mexico and Central America. Full Schedule.

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Over the past half-century, think tanks have become fixtures of American politics, supplying advice to presidents and policy makers, expert testimony on Capitol Hill, and convenient facts and figures to journalists and media specialists. But what are think tanks?

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Who funds them? Where does their authority come from? And how influential have they become? In Think Tanks in America , Thomas Medvetz argues that the unsettling ambiguity of the think tank is less an accidental feature of its existence than the very key to its impact.

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