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The steps are:. Preceding all action there must be the will to do within the consciousness. This is the power which draws primal life into the pattern or idea held in mind and sustains it there as long as desired. The fourth step is PURITY, the power to hold the clarified picture steady; not distorting it by any opinion or desire of the outer self; as a pure, clean pane of glass through which that perfect idea is drawn down as a matrix; then filled in with light-substance and perfected.

And then, for the purpose of precipitation, the activities of the Sixth and Seventh Rays are inverted.

Restoring The Hebrew Mind #77 ~ "Co-Eternal? // Elohim?"

Taking the form, increasing it in beauty, harmony and service, sealing it in peace. This enables the creation to be permanently sustained. And then there are the "Silent Watchers" in all their graded order. The Silent Watchers hold the immaculate concept of an area, a town, a city, a country or even the world. Beloved Immaculata is the Silent Watcher of this world.

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Beloved Circulata is the Silent Watcher of this solar system. I am that Being Who has held within My bosom and consciousness and very Life, the living, breathing Presence of every Guardian Spirit Who responded to the call of Helios and Vesta and chose to become part of the protection of the evolutions on this Earth. You are part of My body, part of the essence that passes through the energy of your self-conscious being, passes through the energies of My body and My life. So truly, I know you well! When Helios and Vesta chose to apply for the opportunity of creating a universe, They expanded out from Their Being, a sphere of influence; the periphery of that sphere was the periphery of the Universe, within which the planets, the stars and all belonging to that Universe would abide.

In the fiat of "Let there be Light," They spun out of Their very selves that Universal Substance from which the Elohim created the planets, and from whence has come into being all form. As each planet of the system was designed to be breathed forth, from the heart of the Cosmic Silent Watcher, the Planetary Silent Watchers were sent forth. We, in turn, embodied just one planet, taking upon Ourselves the responsibility of holding the Immaculate Concept for that planet; the rivers, the oceans, the mountains, the vast plains, and making available to the Elohim and Builders of Form that pattern which They then wove out of the universal light-body of Helios and Vesta.

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The first activity of the planetary Silent Watcher is to expand the Causal Body which becomes the cradle in which the planet will rest and the seven great spheres on the bands of color of Our Causal Body into which the Guardian Spirits, the Angels and Devas come, creating the Seven Heavenly Realms of consciousness for the evolutions that will evolve on each planet. Out of the substance and energy of the colors of Our Causal Bodies are woven the temples, the very atmosphere of these Inner Spheres.

Meditations and Creative Exploration of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life

Out of the Substance of that Body is woven the elements for your Earth! Out of the substance of the Causal Body of the Planetary Silent Watcher is woven the garments, the Seven Vehicles which every lifestream wears. So do you see how truly ONE we are and how the energy of your inner bodies and your flesh are a part of the living essence of My very Being!

The Elohim and Cosmic Beings carry the greatest concentration, the highest vibration of Light that we can comprehend in our state of evolution. And instantaneously you are free And then when you have accepted the intercession of the messenger, you will find that And therefore, you cannot come too close to the sacred fire. Therefore, we have hierarchy And so you also must be the go-between and remind the children of God on earth of their obligations to rid themselves of the infestations of demons and discarnates whereby they cry out against the teachings, the activity, and the Mother of the Flame.

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As you are willing to hold that position in hierarchy, so also accept that one just a step beyond you is able in this moment to give you so much more than you have even been willing to receive I AM the light incarnate in the messenger. Illumination for the action of love is our calling For this purpose we come, to this purpose we are dedicated—that by your saturation and supersaturation of the solution of the world thought there might be such a raising action that all of darkness may be disclosed, exposed, revealed, unsealed, and pass into the flame without any further catastrophe and calamity in the loss of identity.

It is one that if acted upon can produce the fruit of God-freedom, God-mastery, and independence from economic woe. My message is short and sweet and my promise long, enduring unto the consummation of love in your ascension. And there shall not another such dispensation be given you until that hour.

Those upon the planetary body who have earned it will receive it. None shall be without this light. In conclusion, Apollo announced a blessing that the Elohim would bestow following the dictation. And I have volunteered to take As you pass by each one, I will gently touch the crown by a golden stone, refracting light for your absorption. And this sealing of your crown will produce for you the opportunity to decide to be what you will be, to implement the plan, and to abound in love. Here the Elohim of the Second Ray focus the energies of the crown chakra of the planet. There are three stories in the round dome of this etheric retreat built in a parabolic curve, the first floor being the largest and the second and third being progressively smaller.

A spherical focus of the flames of Apollo and Lumina is in the center of each of these three levels. In the center of the first floor is a golden-yellow ball resembling a whirling galaxy, its component star clusters whirling at such a high frequency that they appear to be at perfect rest. In the center of the second floor is an identical sphere of a brilliant sapphire blue.

In the center of the upper room is another golden sphere like the one on the first floor. On each floor there is a spherical meditation room having as its focal point the spherical flame.

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Each of these rooms accommodates approximately a thousand angels serving under Apollo and Lumina. Their glorious golden-yellow auras and robes make those who behold them feel as if they are in the center of the Great Hub. Classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and archives form a radial pattern out from the center of the meditation room on each of the three floors.

At the first level there is a circular hallway following the circumference of the building.

Elohim Lady Amora

On either side of the hall are three-dimensional exhibits showing the operation of the law of cycles throughout the earth. In other words, you get to interpret this in whatever way that you want. It is offered to you purely but you are the interpreter of it. And so you make it what it is. And so over time it is extraordinary the amount of stories that physical Man tells about his interaction with nonphysical.

We would call all of it real. We would call all of it valid. She was the purest slate that we had seen, in that she had not come to any conclusions of her own that would prohibit her from being able to receive clearly what we were offering. And so as Esther finds words, there were always words that match the intention that we were offering. And then over time as we offer words and Esther depicts our meaning with words, and we were able to feel your response to her words, and then we were able to feel your vibration in response to her words, over time we have literally created a language that depicts purely the intent of Abraham.

But that does not mean it is the only language that is authentic. There are many ways of interpreting nonphysical. In the beginning, there was only one consciousness that existed. The one consciousness decided to differentiate itself into the many in order to experience itself from different perspectives and points of view. We are all different versions of the same being in existence. We are all inseparably connected to everything else in the universe. The real you is bigger than the individual you that is localized in time and space.

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The real you is all there is. Your real self is the Self of The All. Everyone else is an aspect of your much larger self. That is why there is no out there because everything is within you, and is being projected as your consciousness. Everyone you see is a different version of you. I am a different version of you and you are a different version of me. You can say that we are all God individualized into little gods.

It is written in the bible Psalms that the Lord says we are gods because we are all children of the Most High.

But there is one who is the God of gods and the Lord of lords. It is He that created the rest of us by differentiating the One consciousness into many more individuated centers of consciousness. He is the Godhead while we are the body of God. Another aspect of God is the creator, which is the actual origin of everything that was created in the world a form.

To start creation, the creator brings forth an element which can be molded into any conceivable form.