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Comments: H ave not replaced hoods in over 5 years for career and volunteers have hoods that may be out of date. Terms Of Use Privacy Policy. This makes firefighting the most dangerous job in the country for contracting cancer and other related illnesses. Hoods For Heroes was founded after meeting hundreds of firefighters and listening to countless stories of heroes who have battled this deadly disease.

A cancer diagnosis not only affects the firefighter, but it causes financial hardships for families and communities across the country. Our mission is to provide each firefighter nationwide with the necessary equipment to help reduce exposures to the dangerous chemicals that cause cancer. Below, is actual information from hood grant request forms:. State: Florida Firefighters: 35 How often are hoods replaced?

State: Minnesota Firefighters: How often are hoods replaced? State: FL Firefighters: 21 How often are hoods replaced?

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Get involved with Hoods For Heroes! Sign up for info on the latest hood deliveries foundation developments. Globally, cancer emerged as the no. Today, it ends more lives than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Developing countries such as India face the brunt of the incursion. India can ill afford the rising number of cancer cases. Foreign investors who have buoyed the nation are pulling money from Indian securities. We have to look at this problem now.

India accounted for three of every five new leprosy cases in and a quarter of tuberculosis sufferers. Now, cancer is exploding as more Indians live into their mids, up from an average life expectancy of 50 before At the same time, the country is still battling such traditional killers as malaria and cholera.

Cultural taboos make many Indian women embarrassed to talk about their bodies. Held back by modesty, poverty or ignorance, they delay doctor visits when they find something wrong with their breasts. When they finally get a checkup, their prognosis is often dire: in a third of cases, the tumor has spread to the skin or chest wall, making treatment less successful.

The lack of privacy at Indian hospitals exacerbates the problem. Gupta, 60, recalls the scene at a breast cancer clinic in a New Delhi public hospital in the mids. Everyone was sitting there and watching these women. You could tell on their faces the humiliation.

Children are taught to lie to their prospective marriage partners. Mumbai homemaker Deepti Shinde says she ignored swelling in her right breast, hoping the pain would go away. In October , when she finally mustered the courage at age 47 to get the first breast exam of her life, the tumor that had formed in a milk duct was the size of a lime and had invaded nearby lymph nodes. Her only option for survival was a mastectomy, which she underwent in January I wondered if I would live. Shinde also worried about paying for surgery.

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She turned to Tata Memorial, where her mastectomy and two-night stay cost 5, rupees. After the surgery, Shinde traveled to Tata from central Mumbai at least once a week for almost nine months. She arrived at 8 a. She never made it home until late afternoon.

A friend gave her money to help pay for chemotherapy, which she says cost 2, rupees per dose. Roche introduced a lower-cost Herceptin packaged by a local pharmaceutical firm for the Indian market in August Natco Pharma Ltd. World Trade Organization rules allow such licenses to improve access to important medicines.

'We are facing into a cancer epidemic': More people are surviving, but diagnoses continue to rise

Researchers are trying to unravel why breast cancer is rising in India — and why certain features there differ from elsewhere. The WHO links breast cancer to such choices as having no children, having children late in life, not breast-feeding, excessive weight gain and frequent alcohol consumption — practices often found in westernized lifestyles.

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They marry early. Despite that, we are seeing this, and in younger women. In India, breast cancer typically strikes women at age 45 to 50 — more than a decade earlier than in the West.

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Fewer cases in India involve protein molecules targeted by estrogen, the female hormone that stimulates breast cell division. Doctors are interested in the estrogen receptor because it identifies women with a typically slower-growing disease who will benefit from hormone-based treatment, Sankarana- rayanan says. The absence of estrogen receptors in a greater percentage of Indian cases means proportionally fewer women will respond to hormone therapy.

Some doctors say rising obesity may be stoking the breast cancer increase.

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Obesity may boost levels of insulin and another hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1, which causes insulin resistance and may promote cancer development, according to the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. Cases like that of Mumbai resident Geeta Ambre, who has been afflicted with both breast cancer and Type 2 diabetes, may provide clues to possible links between the diseases.

She was diagnosed with diabetes in , when she was 40, and discovered a breast lump in as she was turning Ambre had the lump checked out at Tata, where, she says, doctors put her mind at ease.