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I am sure your own version…. Sure is fun to be ignorant! Jasmine learn some social blogging skills.

Lives of Sages Saints and Avatars

Oh no. Sometimes the most egotistically well defended one. The only hallmark I can find in cult members is a closed mind. The rest is called freedom of religion. You earn them! Thank you and thanks to Carol. Why do you judge? Enjoy his presence. Should you simply want them, great! I greatly enjoy offbeat humour.

Indian wisdom, Vedic teaching fuse in ‘Avatar’

Those two poles are somewhat reflected in the audience on this thread. The deadpan, earnest flow of jargon from the highest minded intellectuals who enjoy bending their thighs around their ears… well, each to their own. Think Muppets — the guys in the balcony. Why are you so defensive? Your ego seems attached to whether or not this particular man is blindly venerated.

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Atheists are as noble, balanced and contented as believers; all shades of contentedness and discontentedness are possible. No one has a monopoly on happiness. The Law of Attraction fails on many levels, in my view. So does that make me lower than you? Probably, in your estimation.

But my level of enlightenment does not depend on your estimation. It is common sense to regard the act of putting any human on a pedestal, with skepticism. Skepticism is a major part of my value system. What i find most interesting is how people are so quick to proclaim the bad.. But he always talks about how the truth is within us, always, not without.

Those things without are only a clue to what resides within, and how can you build a cult following around this? You cannot.

John, you are bitter and angry at all the religions that have betrayed man by taking truth and perverting it, making themselves the go-between man and the divine. It is understandable, and valid. But if you do not see a difference between the teacher who is attempting to remove the veils of confusion that hides us from our true, eternal, joyous nature sat chit ananda and the religious, coercive indoctrinator, then obviously you have never had a good enough teacher, or have been too stuck in your negative, critical worldview to attract one.

Thats ok! Its ok to be at your level and stage of awareness and development. There are many who start the real internal journey after thoroughly rejecting the old establishments. Checked back here a few days after my comment. Yes, I stand by my comment that there seems to be a bit of a cult-like atmosphere. The amount of people likely associated with the community emotively proclaiming him to be absolutely wonderful tends to be associated with that atmosphere. Even if it is subtle, it does harm, because it belies the concept that the solution is within.

You can mean well and have a big spiritual ego. And they all mean well.

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There are a number of us tired of her garbage. You say one thing, claim for it to mean another, refuse to reconcile the discrepancy in a meaningful way and then claim that others have a reading comprehension problem to avoid answering questions about the discrepancy. So I will ask you again as if you have the courage to answer. Yes or no? A more accurate description would be that you are cowering behind a rock nowhere near your comment.

No, no thoughts. And speaking of being just another creepy anonymous sniper, your excuse is…? Jonn Mick contributed a column this past year and has generated interesting discussion on many occasions. Zero for you though. Any thoughts on Hindu teachers? Any thoughts? You and most other commentators on this thread respond with high emotion. Intelligence occasionally comes through free of anger. If you live long enough you MAY catch up. I wish you well! Addressing your remarks: making a disclaimer at the beginning of a sales pitch is effective strategy.

Let the customer buy! Exploring ancient concepts about most things by people who are interested is an enjoyable activity. But when one reaches the stage of expertise on a particular concept and touts it as being essentially indisputable the person becomes a member of the industry that I grieve about. Specifically, the Vedic and Hindu concepts can also be judged by the result one sees when looking over India and its people.

The proof of most things in life is in the eating. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. How does this reflect the current level of human intelligence? Jonn Mick. If you are not able to do that, then you are filtering the entire world through your jaded lenses, and spitting everything out before it even comes in.

This quote shows exactly that. Jeffrey, at the beggining of each class says this.

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This knowledge is not about coercion This knowledge is about YOU discovering yourself. Instead, sit with it.. The truth? What is truth.. I will say that again, truths that do not change over time. Eternal Truths. However, most of this knowledge, in its encoded formats, are not available to the west or the western mind. The more people who teach this, well, with integrity and humility, the better the world will be.

Also notice the comments of his fellow students below. All of their comments show a deep level of intelligence, discernment, and even temperedness. There are no sheep who follow Jeffrey.. Be prepared to spend a full week digesting the impact of a 2 hour class… Go Jeffrey! Most of them defending their revered guru Jeffery Armstrong. All the attributes of a Saint.

How To Open Your 7 Chakras As Explained In a Children's Show

Two hundred would be more fitting I think. I feel no emotional anger about the professional vendors of religious and spiritual subjects. Just the same — o — same — o , but using different arrangements of words. I have never encountered a new thought or idea during years of reading and following gurus at great expense searching for knowledge and understanding and answers for my questions.

But the great benefit of this led me to discover that I already knew from my beginning that I had the knowledge and understanding and the answers to what I wanted to know, which knowledge in part is confirmed by Stephen Hawking, freeing me of all my concerns and doubts.

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  8. Because of this defect we become gold mines for opportunists who themselves are ignorant but make it a profession purporting to know. Free of charge or obligation of any kind.

    I trust there are people who have received it finding it beneficial to them.