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Now, for the first time in fifty years, this revolutionary breakthrough discovery, which permanently cures the condition of obesity, is being released to the public. The main problems that overweight people deal with are massive, intense, constant physical hunger; food cravings and uncontrollable urges to eat when not hungry; low metabolism; and an abnormally high amount of fat stored in stubborn secure problem areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist.

This receipe book has recipes that boast great taste and lots of variety; yet strict adherance to Dr. While these are designed for the diet phase, the recipes can easily be adapted to the other phases of the protocol to provide extremely low-calorie healthy meals. The Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol was created and made available in response of many customer requests for a small book to carry in their purse for convenience, especially during Phase 3 the maintenance phase of the HCG Diet.

Those customers particularly wanted the chart of 1, foods, drinks, and condiments charting whether or not each item is allowed, cautioned, or not allowed on each phase of the protocol that was easy to carry around for eating out and grocery shopping purposes. This little book packs the basic information including: a summary of a typical round of the HCG protocol, Dr. Simeons' list of approved foods for the protocol, rules for the maintenance phase, and a nutrition chart of 1, foods, drinks, and condiments charting whether or not each item is allowed, cautioned, or not allowed on each phase of the protocol.

This small, summary book was created solely out of customer demand for a more compact resource to carry around. I want the obesity epidemic to end. So I wrote this page book compiling everything that I have learned as a moderator of an over 25,member hCG Dieters support group, as well as by doing this diet myself, including:.

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This guide is a great tool for the practitioner assisted participant i. This guide should fill in all the areas that are not fully supported by the practitioner. The guide includes tips, menus, charts, allowable product, sample menus, and everything else you need to successfully lose the AVERAGE 20 - 30 pounds in about a month.

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The book also includes extensive information on the maintenance phase. This should save both the practitioner and the participant significant time and give a high comfort level to everyone also. Within six years, I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had gained pounds. My medical doctor could not give me any hope or effective treatment. I knew that my adrenals had been weakened by the Depo-Provera along with the rest of my endocrine system. My metabolism had been ruined as well, causing the weight to pack on, no matter what I tried in my efforts to stop it. I've included links to such helpful references as Dr.

Simeons' original manuscript from which Kevin learned about the cure. Also, you will find recipes to use during the injection phase to help make it less repetitive, as well as sources for an oral version of hCG if the mere thought of injections is enough to scare you away from considering using the cure. There's even a Frequently Asked Questions section.

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This is your one-stop comprehensive companion source for practical ways to actually put the cure to use for your very own personal weight loss cure! Also, please email me when you have lost below pounds, if you start out above that, so that I can personally tell you, "Welcome to ONE- derland! Onward and downward!! Update: I've lost 50 pounds now! For the first time in 9 years, I have not only the hope, but the assurance in my heart, that I can lose the excess weight that has been the bane of my existence. I want the obesity epidemic to end.

So I wrote this page book, which is a compilation of everything that I have learned as a moderator of a 12,member hCG Dieters support group, as well as by doing this diet myself, including:. Then Click the button below I do not sell or give away or share email addresses. It's my diet bible now, I never leave home without it!!! Please feel free to post this if anyone would like feedback. When I initially read Kevin Trudeau's book, it did sound easy, but by the time I was finished with the book, I was completely overwhelmed and left wondering how I'd ever do the protocol on my own.

I started by researching how the diet began

Simeons' manuscript seemed much easier. I also could not find anyone, not even a doctor that had heard of it or were willing to learn about it.

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Talking about being "debunked"!!! More frustration. I've ordered my HCG and can hardly wait for it to get here. I don't even mind self injecting - that's how good, down to earth, and realistic the information in your ebook is!!!! Raleigh , NC. Testimonial for the Diet Plan:. I am in the "stabilizing phase" what some of us call Phase 3.

HCG Diet is Dangerous, Experts Say

I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have never felt better as during this protocol. It is amazing!

I have lost before on other diets but never have I been able to keep it off past the first 7 days. I would normally start to gain again I am getting ready to go into the second round of the 2nd phase shots and am looking forward to losing the remaining pounds. I can honestly say that when I have lost on other plans, Weight Watchers, Body for Life, Atkins, cabbage soup, and so on and so on, I have never lost my stomach and hips.

Although I had weight loss on all those diets not large amounts of weight , I would always have my belly still : I can only say that there is no way for this to be a "all in your mind" protocol. When the protocol is done as stated, HCG shots, cal with only the foods listed by Dr S, and then with the follow up of the stabilizing of the weight and then on to the final part, living with mostly alive foods and good fats and proteins, most will succeed.

I think that with all the success I have seen on this diet, with those that treat this as a "protocol" I am convinced that this is the one "diet" I have ever done that is really working and will keep me healthy for years to come. I know from those that have tried this cal diet my aunt with OA without the HCG may lose alot of weight as the calories puts you into ketosis of course, BUT the biggest difference is, where we each have lost our pounds! She had to remain on her very strict diet for the duration to maintain and was feeling very weak.

I on the other hand went into a lower size pants was a now a size ! I am eating, all meats, dairy, fruits all kinds and a huge amount of veggies. And I have less Fibro pain, more energy and my mind is even sharper, the last could be because all the crap is out of my system : Here are a few more differences between someone on the calorie diet without the HCG and someone who is on the calorie diet with the HCG.

I saw what the low cal diet without the HCG did to my relative's skin My skin is not sagging!! I mean it is amazing that my skin is not hanging down like the last time I lost weight!!! My tummy skin is able to be pulled in without any sagging on the legs : And my skin is looking healthy, not pale and so on I guess you just have to read and have faith as we have all seen it working differently than any diet we have tried She went on the 1 shot of B complex a week and their special diet and I did the one shot a day of the HCG and the cal diet I have lost 2x the amount of weight as she has, both being on a diet at the same time.

We both have lost that weight in different area of our bodies as well. I just thought I would add that in : it is the only clinical info I have for ya : ". And another testimonial to the diet:. In only about 6 months, I packed on all of the weight. I was under alot of stress and was nauseated and vomited frequently, yet I still gained the weight.

Mercola's diet, Jenny Craig. I also have been doing 1 hour of kick boxing several times week Billy Blanks, Turbo Jam, PO90 along with walking 5 miles several times a week. I am a respiratory therapist and walk around doing treatments for hr shifts. I am only 5'3 and weighed lbs and was a tight size I did each diet for at least 1 month or longer with little or no weight loss. As you can see, I am a very active person. People that I worked out with were losing weight. I, on the other hand, continued to have a inch waist.

After 3 years of struggling, the disappointments and heartbreak of diet after diet, I had finally given up.

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I was so depressed. Try to imagine working so hard at something for 3 years and enduring failure after failure. Well, today September 25, I weigh and I am size I lost 11 inches off my waist since June 6. I have people around me doing this protocol now, just because my scrubs are baggy.

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It wasn't any scientific paper that convinced them to do it. It was seeing the amazing transformation that I went through and continue to go through that convinced them that hCG does work. I have done low cal diets in the past and never lost weight that was so visible and dramatic. I usually lost the hair on my head, my skin became pasty and sallow and I had dark circles under my eyes and had hanging skin and lost all my muscle mass, I felt terrible. Not this time! My hair is thick, shiny, my nails are growing like crazy, I have energy and feel great. I still have muscle, skin is tight.

And one more testimonial to the diet:. There have been countless times when people have asked me about a method to lose weight that's the most effective. Then you have others that'll intervene and tell me that the Dr.

The HCG diet: What I learned from injecting myself with pregnancy hormones to lose weight

Simeons protocol is a joke and that it's really unhealthy to lose weight this way, especially a lb. People who've never heard of it until I mentioned it, by the way. They still have nothing but negative things to say. It just trips me out how people think that diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.

It's a torturous and VERY depriving lifestyle when you try to keep weight off from dieting.