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Love God, Live Community, Serve Others

However, I think it can be more than a motto. For the most part, as a human race we are selfish, ego-centric, and broken.

But imagine a world where we put others first. A world where we love others not for a hidden agenda or for something in return, but just because. A place where people of different races and religions intentionally care for one another. A life-changing environment for everyone to go. To move forward in life, you have to go.

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Love them just because. Serve the wealthy and serve the poor. Serve your enemies. Put your love into action and make the most powerful statement of all, serve. What exactly does it look like to go. The truth is that there are tons of opportunities for us to go.

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  4. I'm excited to put it into practice in a classroom in the Fall. Basically there's a birthday party being held somewhere in South America for a Japanese businessman. He didn't want to come. They lured him there by inviting his favorite soprano. The party is being held at the Vice President's house. The President was supposed to attend but decided not to at the last moment.

    He stays home to watch his beloved soap opera.


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    The guests at the party are taken hostage and as you can imagine, things get interesting from there. That's all I'm going to say at the moment.

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    When I hopefully have my own classroom in the fall I will be equipped with all sorts of new tools to manage behaviors in my room. I'm looking forward to resuming my teaching career after 3 years off.


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