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When it comes to criminal charges, it is important to know whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony.

Both types of crimes need to be taken seriously, but a felony can result in far harsher penalties than a misdemeanor. If you have been arrested and accused of theft, you need to speak with a Charlotte larceny lawyer right away. You can be charged with felony larceny if the property you allegedly stole is worth more than certain value or is a certain type of product or good. Felony larceny is charged as a class H felony. If convicted, you can be sentenced to four to 25 months in prison.

What is Felony Larceny?

The specific length of your sentence depends on the details of your case and your criminal history. In addition to the statutory penalties that come with a conviction for felony larceny, you can also face several collateral consequences months and years down the road.

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If it is ascertainable, the value of the property stolen in a Grand Larceny or Petit Larceny scheme is deemed the market value of that property. If that is not capable of being determined, then that value is the replacement value.

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Beyond these means, the law, pursuant to New York Penal Law Because value is directly related to any possible charges in an arrest or indictment, should value be an issue in your case, consult with counsel who may be able to challenge the legal basis of the valuation and subsequently the larceny charges against you. Both Petit Larceny and Grand Larceny are crimes of "moral turpitude" that can have devastating impact to your life well beyond your time spent in a criminal court and linger for years after you last saw a judge.

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  • As New York criminal lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors who have both defended and prosecuted those accused of larceny crimes, the attorneys at Crotty Saland PC have the experience, knowledge and tenacity to help move you past a theft allegation. Com - to educate yourself on the law.

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    Armed with a basic understanding of criminal statutes and cases that define theft crimes, contact our New York criminal lawyers to identify your defense and to set it into motion. State statutes generally break larceny down into six different elements. The state must prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction. The elements are:. The taking element requires the offender to have actual physical control of the property at some point, even if that control is only momentary.

    The movement does not have to be a great distance.