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He asked if they were there to greet an important diplomat. The agency cautioned that it would be too risky for him to bring that much cash through the airport and told him the money would be in Moscow, stashed inside a fake rock. The Soviets had arranged for the apparent good news to reach his wife through a friend and former co-worker in Moscow, who wrote to her in Lagos.

Poleshchuk was lured back to his fate. Leonid never made it to the rock, his son said. A Russian TV documentary shows a shadowy figure picking it up, but Andrei said it is an actor, not his father. In June , Leonid was tried and, predictably, convicted. Andrei was allowed to visit him in prison only once, after he was sentenced to death. He was thin, pale and obviously sick. He was like a walking dead man.

Everything We Know About How the FBI Hacks People

I could sense he had been tortured. In the history of U. Just the day before, Moscow had announced that a Soviet defense researcher named Adolf G. Tolkachev had been arrested as a CIA spy.

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One news account said he had fallen down the stairs and broken his neck. Hanssen, who was arrested in In spying for Moscow on and off over 22 years, Hanssen revealed dozens of secrets, including the eavesdropping tunnel the FBI had dug under the Soviet Embassy in Washington and the identities of two FBI sources within the embassy, who were also executed. Hanssen, who was convicted of espionage, is serving a life sentence in the supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado. The resettled spy told Wiser he was convinced Ames had betrayed him, but he confirmed that he had been abruptly summoned back to Moscow on May 17, —almost four weeks before Ames said he named him to the KGB.

Wiser acknowledges that Ames may have lied or been mistaken about the date—Ames has conceded that he drank heavily before his meetings with the KGB. He did so, he said, to prove his bona fides as a potential KGB mole. For those who are betrayed, the damage persists long after the initial shock passes. A few days after Oleg Gordievsky was recalled to Moscow, the KGB flew his wife, Leila, and their two daughters there, and he broke the unwelcome news that they would not be posted back to London.

After Gordievsky escaped, a Soviet military tribunal sentenced him to death in absentia. He underwent a debriefing by MI6 and cooperated with it and other Western intelligence services. He always hoped Leila would join him in England. She did, in , but the strain caused by six years of separation proved too much to repair.

J. Edgar Hoover on the FBI |

By their marriage was over. Sergei Bokhan was also separated from his family for six years. Within two weeks after his flight to the United States, he had a new name, a fake background, a Social Security number and a 9-millimeter Beretta. He stayed in safe houses in Virginia at first, then lived half a year in California to learn English, moved back East and consulted for the CIA and some U. When Bokhan escaped from Athens, the KGB hustled his wife back to Moscow, searched her apartment and began a series of interrogations.

Everyone avoided me. If I was waiting for the elevator, they went down the stairs. I had no job. When I found a job, the KGB called and they fired me.

The Truth about accused atomic spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

That happened several times. Finally, in , with the KGB in disarray after its chief led the failed coup against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, the authorities let Alla and her daughter leave. Kennedy International Airport. He had champagne and flowers waiting, a big basket of fruit, chocolates and a balloon. There were embraces, and everyone cried. Maria, then 16, was carrying the patatuff. He works as a computer programmer.

To be dead or to be alive was the question for my dad. I will never forget the day when I got home and she was singing songs, melodies, no words, and looking insane. Her eyes were empty. It was scary. The KGB took her to a sanitarium, where she was drugged and interrogated further.

FBI Sees Big Threat from Chinese Spies; Businesses Wonder

After some months, she was released. After his father was executed, Andrei kept working for Novosti. They married in , after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and he worked for an independent newspaper in Moscow for a time. In , Andrei and Svetlana emigrated to the United States. They have two children, and he works as an independent research analyst for business and government contractors in Northern Virginia. Soon after they arrived in the United States, there was a ceremony honoring his father at a Russian Orthodox church in Washington.

Joe had become very close to my father and worried that some action by him, some error, had led to his betrayal. Intelligence agencies cannot tolerate unsolved mysteries and loose ends. Long after the massive losses in , the lingering questions still gnaw at their counterintelligence experts. Milton Bearden, who held several senior posts is his year career at the CIA, is convinced there was a traitor, as yet undetected. And the intelligence culture is not going to let that go. There is no statute of limitations for espionage. These things have to be run to ground.

If there is a fourth mole, and he is still alive, the FBI would surely want to catch him and prosecute him.

Was there a fourth mole in the U.S. intelligence system that blew these secret agents’ covers?

The CIA would want to debrief him at length to try to determine the full extent of his treachery. If it should turn out that the mole is no longer alive, the intelligence agencies would still run a damage assessment to try to reconstruct what and whom he might have betrayed.

It is possible that Gordievsky, Bokhan and Poleshchuk fell under KGB suspicion through some operational error or communications intercept. But some highly experienced U.

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