Manual Curved Space & the More Delicate Times

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User comments. Jan 15, This comment has been removed by a moderator. Report Block. There really is no answer to the questions you pose, you are stepping into the realm of the philosophy of science. Jan 16, Curved space is geometric objects without physical properties and limitations. Light is electromagnetic wave composed of of discrete quantas of electromagnetic radiation, which propagate through the physical structure of the cosmic vacuum that fills three dimensional geometric space. There is no physical connection between geometric space or objects with the fundamental forces of nature, one of which is electromagnetic force.

Bending of light is easy and for this is not needed abstract curved geometric space. It is the MASS which photons encounter that determines the angle of deflection, not the geometry. If it were the geometry of the object a photon encounters, then a hollow ball with the same volume as the Sun would create just as much deflection as what Einstein calculated for gravitational lensing as starlight passes the immediate peripheral disk of our Sun.

Mass is simply trapped light. In other words, light is attracted to trapped light. Mass is useful because it allows self recursion, better known as consciousness. But ultimately that awareness muse be shared and the mass returned to pure energy, commonly experienced as a light beam. There are massive particles that have charge. Light has no charge. So that doesn't work.

Understanding gravity—warps and ripples in space and time - Curious

Jan 17, Black holes have only three properties—mass, charge and spin. Gravity is simply infinitely compressed charge which bends trapped light to capture inertia. When energy light only moves in straight lines there are no knots in the path, and hence no time.

Jan 18, That's going to make a pretty massive optical system then with you know,..

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Wherever did you get the idea that charge bends light? No experimental evidence in that regard exists. In any case: that sentence of yours is gobbeldy-gook. Just throwing three technical temrs in a sentence does not science make. When energy light only moves in straight lines there are no knots in the path, and hence no time Light always moves in a straight line.

It cannot do anything BUT move in a straight line. How would you explain this picture, after then? With the normal explanation and the one thathas been verified by innumerable tests : Spacetime curvature. Read the link I provided. You obviously don't know what 'straight' even means. BTW, Zeph. I have reported you and your sockpuppets to physorg staff. Hopefully you'll get banned faster this time.

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Bob Bowcat says:. November 2, at pm. The way is really simple but the idea is the most complex in it's own meaning. The rounded shapes which are the contour of the main building includes the framing and insulation and the space for MEP. The bending allows to preserve rain water for further usage also the main function is to keep heat inside and allows MEP to fit in the curved space without deduction.

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