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Once dismissed she is to resume her normal bearing as described above. In situations that guarantee privacy the slave girl will normally be nude, except for standard items, in case of excessive cold weather the slave girl will be suitably clothed even if indoors. As standard the slave girl will wear a collar if in a private situation or a choker to represent the collar if in public. As standard the slave girl will wear the highest heels she can walk well in.

High heel shoes are worn always, except in bed or when siting feet up on furniture.

Unwritten rules for Masters when dealing with slave

A bra may be worn if required to support large breasts. Panties may be worn ONLY if practicality demands. When indoors, but in situations that are not guaranteed private, the slave girl will additionally wear a Cheongsam style dress, very short and shoulder free. The OWNER may also require the slave girl to wear a Cheongsam style dress of any cut in his presence when nudity is not appreciated. Any outdoor and sportswear will be determined by practicality and the OWNER, however standard items listed above will always be worn.

Dominance & Submission Basics PART 1 of 6 - The Romantic BDSM Relationship

Personal grooming and hygiene The slave girl will frequently shower, to ensure she always smells fresh. Perfume or deodorant is not to be worn, unless explicitly instructed. For practicality hair will mostly be worn as pony tail if short enough or as single braid. Any hair below the neckline e. Permanent hair removal treatment will be available to the slave girl but is elective. The slave girl will be provided with natural skin care options, commercial skin creams etc. Shampoo and conditioners are to be avoided, natural alternatives will be provided.

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The slave girl will not normally use any make-up, lipstick, nail varnish etc. For menstruation the slave girl will use a menstrual cup, unless this is not advisable for medical reasons or for example because her physical virginity is intact and will be kept intact. As her service to her OWNER will limit the amount of night time sleep, she will be required to sleep significant amounts of time during daytime.

The slave girl will abstain from any actions or situations that may impact her health negatively, including but not limited to self-harm, excessive risk taking, being around people when the flu epidemics hits etc The slave girl will perform Yoga for 90 minutes daily in the morning. A program will be set and progress will be monitored. Additionally the slave girl will attend dance classes or other activities outside the OWNERS home at least twice weekly in the afternoon and perform aerobics or similar activities at home on other weekdays.

If spoken to by the OWNER the slave girl must establish eye contact and maintain it, until dismissed.

If the slave girl requires to speak to her OWNER see speech rules the slave girl must establish eye contact and maintain it, until dismissed. During discipline, punishment or sexual use, if eye contact is possible the slave girl must establish eye contact and maintain it, until dismissed.

If the slave girl has an urgent need that she is not at liberty to attend to herself, e. The slave girl will always refer to herself in the third person, except when allowed to speak freely. The slave girl will always address her OWNER in a respectful manner and use the correct form of address. If the OWNER is present he will at a minimum feed the slave girl her first bite of food and her first sip of drink from his hand. In private an explicit permission is needed for the slave girl to take her own food and drink even after being fed the first bite and sip, in public being fed the first bite or sip gives permission to eat or drink by herself.

If the slave girl eats by herself, she will do so in a lady like manner, taking small dainty bites slowly, deliberately, even if very hungry.

8 Vital BDSM Rules To Keep It Safe, Sane & Crazy-Kinky

If she drinks by herself, she will do so in a lady like manner, taking small dainty sips slowly, deliberately, even if very thirsty. If the OWNER is feeding the slave girl from his hand he will make sure to get the correct size of bite or sip. If the owner is not present, the slave girl will partake of such food and drink as allowed by the OWNER in a lady like manner and will quietly give thanks to her OWNER for the food and drink he provided for her, otherwise upon being fed or given a sip of drink the slave girl will thank her OWNER.

The slave girl will be required to perform some tasks the Amah house keeper cannot be trusted with or lacks competence, including preparing meals and some shopping. When all exercise, grooming etc. It is desirable that such activities will further the slave girls development as beautiful, submissive lady, so reading and writing poetry, playing an instrument or singing, taking up an art form such as painting or drawing etc. Video games, watching TV to excess and similar idle or non-constructive or educational pursuits are discouraged, but may be permitted if greatly desired and earned through exceptional behaviour.

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Discipline, Punishment The slave girl will receive discipline daily. Discipline will be administered in the morning before breakfast. Administering it in the morning will make sure the OWNER is rested and will not over- react in momentary upset or may take out frustrations from the outside on the slave girl.

Before discipline is administered, the slave girl will tell her OWNER in which ways and areas her performance on the previous day could have been improved and she will receive admonishment from the OWNER for failures he noticed and she failed to notice. Discipline will normally be administered as over the knee, bare hand spanking, with 10 hard slaps.

This is to remind the slave girl of her position and that no matter how diligent she is in her service, there is room to improve. If the slave girl gave reason to be disciplined in a stronger way on the previous day or in the morning, this discipline will be added and a stronger implement than the open hand will be used, in line with the offence.

While receiving discipline, the slave girl will count the slaps or strokes out loud. Miscounted slaps or strokes will be added on. After receiving discipline the slave girl will thank her owner. Punishment will be applied if the slave girl has broken rules that count as punishable offence or has otherwise given reasons for punishment.

Punishment will be applied instantly or as early as possible and is wide ranging. It may include anything from corner time to severe beatings, predicament bondage, sexual torture etc. First, the slave girl was send shopping and require to purchase Brand X breakfast cereal, which out of stock. And brand Y is not acceptable. She was mostly attentive and diligent in her service, so it will fall under discipline. The slave girls fails to get up instantly and start preparing the coffee.

This will be ground for instant punishment, likely 10 strokes with the cane. Third, the slave girl is ordered to certain kind of sexual service she dislikes. And she is tired, weary and sore from previous play, but there are no medical reasons injury, illness to prevent her compliance. This will result in the slave girl being severely punished, before being made to perform the service she refused, in severe pain from the previous punishment.

Unauthorised Orgasms are an equally serious form punishable offence. Sexual use The slave girl will be available in any sexual capacity at all times, health permitting. She must be available for anal and vaginal penetrative sex, deep-throat oral sex and other sexual uses. Being in a place that cannot guarantee privacy is not an acceptable reason to refuse sexual use, unless it violates criminal not civil law.

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If used sexually the slave girl is required to control her emotions, arousal and responses to pain. Her facial expressions and body movements and language should not reflect either sensations of pain, pleasure or arousal, but should be placid, pliable, serene and saintly. Often in sexual use the slave girl will be required to create the movement required and should make it a point to draw out her OWNERS sexual release as much as possible.

At other time the slave girl will be required to remain completely passive and let herself simply be used. The slave girl will receive orgasms as one of her reward. She is not allowed to orgasm without explicit permission and will be trained to orgasm only with permission and in the long term to orgasm on command. When not intending to use the slave girl sexually or to grant her an orgasm, the OWNER will lock the slave girl in a chastity device. This device will prevent any possibility of unauthorised orgasms or sexual activity.

In in private settings the chastity device takes the place of underwear. It will usually be removed if going outside only and may be explicitly required to be worn outside by the OWNER. The M stands for Masocism — the art of hurting Myself. But first, some housekeeping —. Strike an agreement.

If you want to go right up to 11, but your partner wants to sail on a steady 3, then fine. Start in the shallow pool. Maybe you want to try both. The London Alternative Market and the London Fetish Fair are monthly events who both offer handmade, sturdy and reasonably priced items to help anyone — from the beginner to the professional. Clothing and articles are made to measure, furniture to suit all needs!

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Did you enjoy that? Say so — thank your partner, tell them how good it was either as the Dom or the sub. Never use anything like cable ties or gaffa tape for bondage.

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Anything that cuts your circulation off the more you pull against it is going to be an encumbrance and a danger. Instead, use silk ties, cotton rope or invest in wrist cuffs with a buckle. No head frame? No problem. You can get specially made straps to go under the mattress to tie willing limbs to.